The Breaking Silences Project

The Breaking Silences Project is a multifaceted artistic endeavor that aims to educate and engage communities in open conversation about issues of mental health in Asian American women.  Driven by statistics that show that Asian American young women are committing suicide at an alarming rate, the project hopes to provide a forum to share information, fight stigma, and ultimately to save lives. 

Breaking Silences’ is a vivid performance of two Asian American women about culture, mother-daughter relationships, multi-cultural identity and mental health.  The short play intertwines multifaceted emotions of pain, tenderness and light-hearted moments that undress the stigma of mental illness and the process of healing.  The stimulating dialogue provides awareness, insight and learning moments about culture, relationships and well-being in the context of culture and linguistics.

The play also leads to stimulating audience and performer discussions at the conclusion of the performance.  I highly recommend the use of this short play as an educational tool for students and providers of health and human services discussion exploring the power of cross-cultural interactions and humanistic growth.

- Dr. Ed Wang, Director of Policy and Planning The Chester M. Pierce, MD Division of Global Psychiatry, 

Christina and Pata added so much to our forum on Asian Mental Health. Beginning the day with their theater presentation jumped the discussion forward immeasurably, ensuring that everyone could make an emotional connection to the topic. 

- Marsha Lazar, Founder of the Lexington Mental Health Initiative

Thank you so much for performing at the NAACP Health Fair last Saturday! Your performance art is such a dynamic way to address the complexities of mental health and stigma in a way that people can relate to and engage with. The themes and ideas you conveyed are powerful and universal, and a great fit for this event. The coping skills box is such a great visual and tool for promoting mental health!  

- Alison Brill, Department of Public Health.

I am glad that I attended the staged reading.  I thought it was very powerful.  Even though many different stories are told during the performance they all flow together though the theme of depression.  The presentation was thought provoking and entertaining even thought the material is dark.  Pata and Christina did a great job.  I liked Pata’s singing!

- Meredith

I was at the staged reading and I really enjoyed it.  The writing and acting kept me engaged and the movement was also good. 

- Kate