The Breaking Silences Project

The Breaking Silences Project is a multifaceted artistic endeavor that aims to educate and engage communities in open conversation about issues of mental health in Asian American women.  Driven by statistics that show that Asian American young women are committing suicide at an alarming rate, the project hopes to provide a forum to share information, fight stigma, and ultimately to save lives. 

Our workshops and presentations serve to educate about the issues of Asian American Women and Mental Health. We have developed experiential workshops for a variety of audiences including teens, parents, mental health practitioners, and teachers.  Some of the issues which the workshops address are: Identifying depression in oneself and others, reaching out to someone who is depressed, self-care and teen stressors including gossip, parental expectations, and school pressures.

Pata also has extensive experience presenting about her struggles with major depression and PTSD.  She often relates her personal story to larger issues such as culturally competent care, institutionalized racism, empowering consumers, and expanding the idea of one's treatment plan.